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Bryan Jepson

"Autism dad"--father of two children with autism, Aaron and Austin. Author Physician  Advocate for intensive autism treatment but also for helping our kids find their "voice"--their contribution--regardless of the severity of their disability.    Read my blog, including posts from my amazing kids, Aaron and Austin. Here is my latest book, a novel about a family's challenges in raising their non-verbal autistic son as they navigate through the world of diagnosis, treatment and helping him to find his place in the world.  Learn more here.

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    Laura Astle says

    Hi BRYAN,
    I read a lot of Austin’s posts and they are very touching. Thank you for sharing. Hugs to the boys.
    Laura Astle
    Sandy, Utah

    • REPLY

      Bryan Jepson says

      Thank you Laura for your comment and thank you for reading. I’ll be sure to give them a hug!

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