I wish I was a manatee!

manatee2Yes, I want to be a manatee.  My day would be filled with floating in the ocean lazily hoping that some food will make its way nearby.  I don’t want to work or go to school.  I am like a slow-moving creature of the sea, living on dry ground.  Can I help myself?  I plan on speeding up someday but not today.  Today, I’m going to be a manatee!



[Editor’s note (dad):  So now you see our family dynamic.  Aaron is a jack rabbit! There is no happy medium.]

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Austin Jepson

I am a non-verbal boy with autism. I was adopted by the Jepsons at age seven. Prior to that, I lived in foster care for 2 years. My original family could not take very proper care of me and I was taken from their home. My memories of them are still alive, though, and I love them, even though they had problems. My life now is better. My mom and dad love me and so do my brothers. I am lucky for that. As I am planning on going to college some day, writing in this blog is great practice. I hope you like it. Maybe you will learn something about autism. I hope so.

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