Grandpa’s Nuts

Grandpa’s Nuts

by Austin Jepson

pecan farmMy grandpa must have been plumb crazy
To plant a grove of trees out there.
‘Twas truly in the middle of nothing
No shade or water anywhere.

The rattlers all were surely laughing.
“Are you serious?” all the rabbits said.
“This old man has truly lost it.
What’s going on inside that head?”

The lizards thought, “It can’t be happening–
Not in this desert, there is no way!
The sun is too hot, the soil too sandy.
The plan is nuts and won’t see the day.”

“The plan is nuts!” my grandpa told them.
“Great and tall the trees will grow.
Just you wait, the ground will blossom
And loads of pecans I’ll have to show.”

So Grandpa dug and planted and watered
And weeded and pruned and fertilized.
The trees began to grow and flourish.
The sandy ground was realized.

Years came and went and the trees got bigger,
Reached to the sky and offered shade.
The nutty farmer said, “There, you see them!
It’s time to harvest, time to get paid.”

The pecans were bountiful and delicious
The people came from far and wide.
To buy their nuts from Grandpa Jepson
They loved them for their bread and pies.

“So, now who’s laughing?” asked Grandpa Jepson.
“My plan has worked just perfectly.
The harvest has brought my family money–
All because I planted a tree.”


Editor’s note:  Our family just returned from a vacation/family reunion in Southern Utah, an area our ancestors helped to settle. One of the sites that we visited was Grandpa Max Jepson’s pecan farm. Max is Austin’s great grandfather. In the picture is Max’s son Don, who is Austin’s grandfather, telling us the story of Max’s venture into pecan farming. It is taken at the pecan farm where the trees are mature and the nuts are plentiful. Grandpa Max sold the farm shortly before his death and the proceeds helped to take care of Grandma Elda during her extended illness. This is a clever poem that is sure to become a family classic. Thanks Austin!

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Austin Jepson

I am a non-verbal boy with autism. I was adopted by the Jepsons at age seven. Prior to that, I lived in foster care for 2 years. My original family could not take very proper care of me and I was taken from their home. My memories of them are still alive, though, and I love them, even though they had problems. My life now is better. My mom and dad love me and so do my brothers. I am lucky for that. As I am planning on going to college some day, writing in this blog is great practice. I hope you like it. Maybe you will learn something about autism. I hope so.

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  1. REPLY

    Cheli Webb says

    Austin, Grandpa was a little nutty, but boy was he fun to be around! I love reading your posts. You are one amazing boy!

    • REPLY

      Austin Jepson says

      Thanks. I really wish I could have met him.

  2. REPLY

    Kimberly Jepson says

    My cousin write this poem about the Pecan Farm in Hurricane, UT that my G’pa Max planted. It’s particularly funny if you’ve ever been to the Pecan Farm because it is literally in the middle of nowhere. You drive and drive with nothing around but desert and then in the distance a patch of green trees like a little oasis bursting with pecans. Awesome Poem Austin Jepson keep ’em coming! You have a beautiful gift.

  3. REPLY

    Travis Hansen says

    Your awesome. My wife and I went to high school with your dad. It sounds like you’re part or a great family. Thanks for sharing. You have a great gift!! We have a lot of horses at our farm if you ever want to see them we would love to have you visit.

    • REPLY

      Austin Jepson says

      I would love that! I’ll ask my dad.

  4. REPLY

    Bonita Klingler says

    You have a great poetic ability. Love reading your thoughts. Hope you can always express yourself in this manner.

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