My half-marathon sized accomplishment

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Today, I did something that I never thought that I’d be able to accomplish.  My dad and mom always encourage me to push myself to do things that are hard and that will take much effort.  So, my dad and I decided that we were going to run a half-marathon.  We have been training for it all summer and today was race day.  We got up really early and headed to downtown Colorado Springs.  The race was at a park called America the Beautiful Park and it has a great view of Pikes Peak, the mountain that inspired that song.  I was quite nervous and didn’t get much sleep last night.  But, I knew that we were ready.  All summer, we have been working our way up to longer and longer runs and we already had done an 11-miler, so I knew we could do another two miles.  So, I decided that I was going to try to enjoy it and “run with joy”, like my dad always tells me.  The gun sounded and we were off.  Could I actually run that far?  We started running and my dad looked over at me and smiled.  That is when I relaxed and just settled in.  The run was actually enjoyable.  There were lots of people giving me encouragement and also the water stations every couple of miles really helped.  I almost forgot that it was supposed to be hard.  But, at the end, I remembered.  My legs were definitely feeling it and I was ready to be done, for sure.  Soon, I saw the 12-mile marker and I knew that it was almost over.  My dad said to listen for the cheers of the crowd and to wear a big smile because we were almost done.  As we came around the bend and crossed over the river, I could see my mom smiling and cheering for me. That made me so happy and I was so proud of myself for doing my best.  We crossed the finish line at 2:00 even.  This was a good time for us.  Better than we expected.  It felt so good to have set out on this journey and to have made a challenging goal and then to have accomplished it with style.  It helps me to realize that even though I have autism, I can still do things that are hard if I set my mind to it.  A great day!


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Aaron Jepson

I am a 21-year old male who was diagnosed with autism at age 3. I am only partially-verbal and have a very difficult time expressing my thoughts by mouth but I am able to type on an I-Pad. My goal in life is to help other people with disabilities, and to let the rest of the world know that most people with autism are intelligent and capable and can make a great contribution to this world. I am funny, athletic, and most of all, handsome. And I am a fast runner, a cool skier, and a sweet mountain biker.

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    Greg Klingler says

    You guys have done an exhausting feat with your feet! Congratulations! – uncle Greg

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    Justin Stoddard says

    Aaron, I think it’s amazing that you ran a half-marathon…that is awesome! Congratulations on your incredible accomplishment! Before I hurt my knees, I used to run a lot, but now I don’t run so much anymore. I used to love running and I like how you “ran with joy”…very cool!

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    Todd Ogden says

    Awesome accomplishment. Way to go guys.

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    Don C Jepson says

    Aaron, grandpa and grandma are so proud of you. You have accomplished so much this last couple of years that we never thought you could do that it just bursts our buttons. Your Dad and Mom are pretty spectacular too.

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    Nora Lopez says

    So great!!!

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    Teresa Golding says

    Aaron, I’m your dad’s cousin Teresa. Ask him to tell you about the time we came to visit and he and Uncle Steve took us Snype hunting. I am just in awe of you and all you do. Congratulations on your 1/2 marathon. I love reading your posts because you are a deep thinker and an amazing writer. Maybe one-day you will write a book and fill it’s pages with your unique perspective of life, or perhaps on a topic you have studied in college. No matter what it will be a great read!

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