Old Paint

Old Paint

By Austin Jepson

November 16, 2016



Peeling off the wall,

Old paint always looks

So sad.


No longer bright or bold,

No longer vibrant or rich.

Just old.


Where did all the years go,

When life felt clean and paint

Was fresh?


Hues of decades past,

Stylish then, but now they look



Think of ways to open up rooms,

Knock down the walls,

New paint.


Are you remodeling because

Someone needs a change

Of color?


Could life’s problems all be solved

With a paintbrush and a color wheel?

Not so.


But, fresh paint covers life’s stains

And chips and marks and

Old blemishes.


Calling for painters.

Bring me your brushes and scaffolding.

I’m ready.


As I am sanded and stripped

And my walls are prepped,

Clean deeply. 


Choose me a color that is happy and bright,

That won’t fade in the sun,

Like blue.


Look to the sky or the ocean

Or find me a color of

The rainbow.


In my new house, or new life,

I want to love to stare

At walls.

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Austin Jepson

I am a non-verbal boy with autism. I was adopted by the Jepsons at age seven. Prior to that, I lived in foster care for 2 years. My original family could not take very proper care of me and I was taken from their home. My memories of them are still alive, though, and I love them, even though they had problems. My life now is better. My mom and dad love me and so do my brothers. I am lucky for that. As I am planning on going to college some day, writing in this blog is great practice. I hope you like it. Maybe you will learn something about autism. I hope so.

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  1. REPLY

    Don C Jepson says

    Austin, it is good to see you writing again. Sometimes I feel like old paint that is peeling off the wall myself. A fresh new coat would feel good. Sometimes a new color changes everything. Love you. Grandpa

  2. REPLY

    Justin Stoddard says

    This is cool…I never thought of old paint like this…changes how I look at things!

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