Yes, Sir

Yes, Sir

by Austin Jepson


As I go through life,

And my trials come and go,

I realize that we all are being molded

Into something greater.


We bend and stretch

And we ask for relief,

Because it hurts and tears

At the fabric of our souls.


Why does change come with a price?


When each twist and tweak

Has been completed

Will we like what we see

Or will we just feel broken?


What God sees in us

We cannot see in ourselves.

We just need to believe

In the new and improved version,


And say to God, “Yes, Sir.

I am here for you

To create the best me

That You can see.”

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Bryan Jepson

"Autism dad"--father of two children with autism, Aaron and Austin. Author Physician  Advocate for intensive autism treatment but also for helping our kids find their "voice"--their contribution--regardless of the severity of their disability.    Read my blog, including posts from my amazing kids, Aaron and Austin. Here is my latest book, a novel about a family's challenges in raising their non-verbal autistic son as they navigate through the world of diagnosis, treatment and helping him to find his place in the world.  Learn more here.

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