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Now that school is over, I am going to start writing every day so I hope that you enjoy the increased volume of blog posts. School was very important but now I plan on focusing all my energy on my communication skills. Like I said in my previous post, I want to be a missionary and go to college but I need to be a better communicator to be able to do that.  Dad and mom have challenged me to write for 30 minutes every day.  I think that is a great start and I plan on doing that. Maybe I will start working on my book again.  I have written several chapters already. It is just a memoir of my life as an autistic boy and how I am developing into a man who is capable of making a difference in this world.  I am so grateful for being able to type my thoughts. Without that, I’m not sure how I would have kept going. Life is hard when you can’t express what you are thinking, believe me. So, bear with me if I ramble or post things that don’t seem very important.  It is my method of practicing and improving my ability that God has blessed me with.  I will try to make my writings as interesting and applicable to everyone as I can but keep in mind, I am not like most of you who are reading this blog. Now, on to communication! Go team!

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I am a 21-year old male who was diagnosed with autism at age 3. I am only partially-verbal and have a very difficult time expressing my thoughts by mouth but I am able to type on an I-Pad. My goal in life is to help other people with disabilities, and to let the rest of the world know that most people with autism are intelligent and capable and can make a great contribution to this world. I am funny, athletic, and most of all, handsome. And I am a fast runner, a cool skier, and a sweet mountain biker.

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