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It has been a long time since I wrote in my blog but I haven’t been idle. Since my last post, I have written a book about my journey of faith as a disabled person. I’m hopeful that since I kind of felt inspired to write it that Heavenly Father will open a door for it to be published. I’m glad to be done with that project and to have accomplished that goal. Now I am just going to focus on writing in the blog and trying to improve in various other ways. My dad and I are getting ready to run another marathon. I wanted to do it in a place that I have never been before so we are going to Illinois in September. We aren’t as well trained this year because we’ve had a busy summer but we should get through it. I was hoping to break the four-hour mark but we will have to see if the high-altitude training in Colorado will compensate for the fewer training runs. I hope so. And, this week we start another year in school. This will be my last year in the transitions program before I have to figure out what the next phase in life will be. So, I hope to make the most of it. Thanks for listening to me think out loud. I didn’t really have a theme for this post. I just wanted to get started again with something. I’ll think about something more interesting for next time. Until then, have a good end of summer. Aaron.

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Aaron Jepson

I am a 21-year old male who was diagnosed with autism at age 3. I am only partially-verbal and have a very difficult time expressing my thoughts by mouth but I am able to type on an I-Pad. My goal in life is to help other people with disabilities, and to let the rest of the world know that most people with autism are intelligent and capable and can make a great contribution to this world. I am funny, athletic, and most of all, handsome. And I am a fast runner, a cool skier, and a sweet mountain biker.

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    Melanie Walthall says

    You are such an inspiration Aaron. Seriously. Just when I am getting used to how amazing you are, you kick it up another notch. Congratulations on writing a book! That is no small feat!

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    Celeste Reed says

    Congratulations on your new book. I cannot wait to read it. My husband (Craig Reed) and your dad are cousins. I would love it if you or your father could personally contact us through my email address. I look forward to hearing from you.

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    LaNae STOUT says

    Looking forward to reading your book! Our son, Luke, age 16 has autism and your story is an inspiration to us.

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    Nora and James says

    Hi Aaron! So great to hear from you! Congratulations on writing your book! You are amazing! God bless you as you start your last school year. Have fun!

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    Ashlin G says

    Soooooo going to read that book!!! Where can I get it? You are so amazing and an inspiration to me as I deal with my disabilities.

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