The Great Courses

After my posts on special education, my mom found a lecture series on Amazon video called the Great Courses. These are lectures given by professors or experts that cover a wide variety of topics in various subjects ranging from art to mathematics and everything in between. I started watching some of these after school and I love it. I am currently starting a series on how our minds learn. It looks like it is going to be super interesting and is right up my alley of things I am interested in. I look forward to gaining some insight into my own brain and hope that I’ll learn some things about how I am most likely to be successful. I might want to do research in this area. I am fascinated by the brain and how it functions and in my case, malfunctions in some areas. I might be a great course learner for a lifetime. I hope so. To the other parents of autistic kids out there, this is a perfect way to give your kids some knowledge on interesting subjects that they won’t get in school or doing ABA. Thanks mom for finding this series and dad for getting me started on them. I am learning new stuff and I love it. This is a good prep for college.

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Aaron Jepson

I am a 21-year old male who was diagnosed with autism at age 3. I am only partially-verbal and have a very difficult time expressing my thoughts by mouth but I am able to type on an I-Pad. My goal in life is to help other people with disabilities, and to let the rest of the world know that most people with autism are intelligent and capable and can make a great contribution to this world. I am funny, athletic, and most of all, handsome. And I am a fast runner, a cool skier, and a sweet mountain biker.

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