by Austin Jepson

Maybe life is more
Than just living
For the moment.

Maybe it isn’t about
Getting more stuff
Or more fame.

Maybe it isn’t about
Becoming ,
But being.

I wonder if life
Would be different
In a world

Where people tried
More loving,
More touching,

More laughing,
More crying,
More finding joy.

Less working,
Less social climbing,
Less spending,

Less judging,
Less pressuring
To be someone else.

We are all unique
And beautiful
And important.

Just be you.

About author

Austin Jepson

I am a non-verbal boy with autism. I was adopted by the Jepsons at age seven. Prior to that, I lived in foster care for 2 years. My original family could not take very proper care of me and I was taken from their home. My memories of them are still alive, though, and I love them, even though they had problems. My life now is better. My mom and dad love me and so do my brothers. I am lucky for that. As I am planning on going to college some day, writing in this blog is great practice. I hope you like it. Maybe you will learn something about autism. I hope so.

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  1. REPLY

    Eva-Marie says

    Beautiful poem Austin! I am so glad that I found you, since my 5-year old son is also autistic. I gives me hope for the future to hear your achievements and read your poems! So greetings from Sweden and keep writing! Sincerely, Eva-Marie, Autism Mamman

  2. REPLY

    Jeanette says

    Wonderful, wonderful, Austin and Bryan too. Love you, Aunt Jeanette Jepson. Married to your Uncle Truman. Living down the street from your mom and dad now.

  3. REPLY

    Jubilee Bullock says

    What a wonderful poem

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