A Poem for My People

by Austin Jepson, December 2021

I have some people.

I am so blessed.

My life has been rescued

From a difficult test.

I have some people.

They took me home

No longer did I

Have to wander alone.  

My people love me.

I know that is true.

They gave me hope

To carry me through.

My people taught me

Of heavens above,

Where our family started,

Encircled in love.

I have a family,

Eternal and strong.

We are forever,

An unbreakable bond.  

I have a Father,

Who dwells in the skies.

He understands me

And hears all my cries.

I have some parents

Here on the earth.

They taught me all

Of my precious soul’s worth.

I have  two brothers

Whom I so admire.

They will support me

Whenever I tire.

My Elder Brother,

The greatest of all,

Is always beside me

And won’t let me fall. 

He calls me to come

And shows me the way,

So I and my people

Can forever stay

About author

Austin Jepson

I am a non-verbal boy with autism. I was adopted by the Jepsons at age seven. Prior to that, I lived in foster care for 2 years. My original family could not take very proper care of me and I was taken from their home. My memories of them are still alive, though, and I love them, even though they had problems. My life now is better. My mom and dad love me and so do my brothers. I am lucky for that. As I am planning on going to college some day, writing in this blog is great practice. I hope you like it. Maybe you will learn something about autism. I hope so.

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    Janet says

    Beautiful poem, Austin. Thank you for sharing your words and talent with us.

  2. REPLY

    Brenda Bateman says

    I love this! Thank you for sharing your heart!

  3. REPLY

    Heidi says

    Beautiful !

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