The Mask

  The Mask by Austin Jepson             Over time, Autism wears lots of costumes. Some are scary, Some are funny, Lots are really sad. But, all are only masks, Covering the faces of the people Trapped within.   Autism can steal and plunder, Can wrestle and pin, Can laugh and can scorn, But it will never win.   Many days will come, Many hours will pass, Many battles will wage, Many wars will be won.   Many places I’ll go, Many things I can see, All this will I do, Autism won’t define me.

My place in history

I am curious about lots of stuff but especially about history.  I love to hear what happened in other lands and other times.  I wonder if other people will ever be curious about me and my life.  Maybe I will become a famous professor and people will want to read my blog posts to see what I was like as a child.  I better keep writing because you never know. Austin

I wish I was a manatee!

Yes, I want to be a manatee.  My day would be filled with floating in the ocean lazily hoping that some food will make its way nearby.  I don’t want to work or go to school.  I am like a slow-moving creature of the sea, living on dry ground.  Can I help myself?  I plan on speeding up someday but not today.  Today, I’m going to be a manatee! Austin   [Editor’s note (dad):  So now you see our family dynamic.  Aaron is a jack rabbit! There is no happy medium.]


Let me start by saying good morning.  You are probably wondering how a non-verbal kid with autism says hello.  But, I say it with my smile.  My smile gives me a voice.  It doesn’t need words.  My smile says hello and goodbye.  It says how are you and I’m happy to see you.  Oh, it says that I like you.  Long ago [before I was adopted], I didn’t have any teeth.  They were mostly rotted out because all I ever drank was fruit punch.  And my mom never brushed them.  But now my teeth are strong and white.  So, I have a good smile and I like to use it.  That is all for today. Austin